Additional Resources

There has been extensive educational resources created by different organizations for implementing interactive seismology, earth science, and STEM curriculum into classrooms. Below, we highlight some of our favorite programs and resources for you to explore and utilize along with your Raspberry Shake!

IRIS – Seismographs in Schools Program

  • IRIS is one of the pioneers in supporting seismographs in schools programs
  • Explore their rich resource of lesson plans and instructional resources on their website

BGS – Seismology in Schools

  • BGS is the UK’s program to inspire student scientists with classroom siesmographs.
  • Check out their lessons, instructional videos, and more on the BGS SIS website

AuSis – Australian Seismometers in Schools Program

  • Another national Seismograph in school program created an
  • See their excellent booklet resource for teaching with seismographs in the classroom

Raspberry Pi Foundation

  • The creators of the Raspberry Pi have a great educational resource to find other projects related to computer science and environmental sensors

T3 Alliance

  • “Teaching Through Technology (T³) Alliance is an adaptable curriculum with a comprehensive instructor support system that can be widely adapted to increase the STEM interest of high school students.”