Classroom Curriculum

Shake Education Starts Here!

Diverse, engaging lesson plans and interactive exercises incorporating Raspberry Shake(s) for students of all ages.  Designed to help you and your students to get the most out of your classroom’s seismograph.

We believe in hands-on, experiential learning with real meaning.



Introduce students to the Raspberry Shake

  • Learn the basics of seismology
  • Understand how a seismograph works
  • Explore the capabilities of your Shake

Step into the Shoes of Seismologists

  • Understanding seismic waves
  • Interact with our global seismic network
  • Use EQ Locator to triangulate earthquakes

Computer Science and Programming

  • The basics of Raspberry Shake computer science
  • Discover alternative uses for your Shake
  • Get familiar with Node-Red programming


Watching Waveforms

  • Visualize hard-to-understand concepts
  • Fun science experience for younger students
  • Gain understanding of earthquakes

Build your own Seismograph

  • Students build a basic seismograph
  • Common classroom materials
  • Gain new appreciation for seismometers

Energy Wave Experiment

  • Gain a deeper understanding of energy waves
  • Practice using the Scientific Method
  • See how different mediums transfer energy