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Recommended Sets for Education

Bundle 1 – Basic

Objective: Use the Raspberry Shake to teach students about seismology and earth science.

  • At least 2 Raspberry Shakes:
    • One RS1D, our entry-level model perfect as an interactive classroom device
    • One RS4D, our multi-sensor 4 axis model to be set up as a dedicated seismic monitoring station
  • One cut open geophone for demonstration purposes

Bundle 2 – Full Package

Objective: Use Raspberry Shake for not only teaching seismology and earth science, but computer science and programming projects as well.


These recommendations are for single school programs. If you are interested in a multi-school program, we recommend multiplying the above materials per school participating.

Please feel free to consult with us if you have questions or want to do something a bit different!

Example Proposal

We have created an example proposal for a large-scale “Seismographs in Schools” program. It is an extensive, resource-filled document that can help provide you with the materials you need to get your proposal approved.

Complete your purchasing proposal, if needed, and let’s get Shaking!  Once approved please proceed to our shop or contact our sales directly.

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