Real Science, Real Learning, Real Difference

At Raspberry Shake, we believe that students really learn and are inspired by science when they are really doing science. And not just any science – Science that is real. Science that makes a difference. And with Raspberry Shake, that is possible.

Raspberry Shake is unique in that, when it is set up in a region and connected to our seismic network, it automatically increases our ability to monitor earthquakes and other seismicity in that area. Now, this is pretty incredible by itself, but now imagine students at the forefront of these new seismic stations. Students setting up the seismograph. Students doing data analysis on the seismic readings. Students helping promote earthquake awareness in their community. Students, making a real difference. The impact that this sort of community engagement is life-changing.

Too often, students’ perspective on science is one of passive information intake and regurgitation. This method of learning, as much as it meets the current testing standards, often falls short of really inspiring students to want to do more science. With projects like Raspberry Shake, that distant idea of ‘science making a difference’ suddenly becomes reality.