Setting up a Shake

Congratulations! If you are here, then you have likely just received your brand new Raspberry Shake(s).  Follow the steps below to get setup and ready for your classroom.

Plug In and Connect to Your Shake for the First Time!

  1. IMPORTANT: This first step must be done on an open network (most institution environments like schools and universities have closed networks). We recommend that the initial setup is at your home, to reduce possible network problems.
  2. When first plugging in your Shake, please note that both power and an Ethernet connection are required, so it is advisable that you choose a location with easy access to both. Usually, the most accessible Ethernet port is on the back of your network router.
  3. Watch the video below to go through plugging in your Raspberry Shake for the first time.

The Raspberry Shake Configuration

  1. The computer or tablet that you use to connect to the Raspberry Shake Configuration (rs.local; RS Config) must be on the same network as your Shake.
  2. Connect to the configuration by typing rs.local in your browser.
  3. Watch the video below for a tour!

Special Instructions for Schools and Institutions

In order to best avoid firewall problems, please contact your institution’s System Administrator (IT guy).  Then direct them to this document that has all of the information they need to make sure your Raspberry Shake(s) work within your school, first time and hassle-free.