Funding Opportunities

Local Mini Grants

  • Sponsorship from Local Businesses
  • Parent Teacher Association Resources

Check out programs like the Walmart Foundation Local Community grants

Crowdfunding Platforms

Funding Success Stories

Dominica Public Seismic Network

After Hurricane Maria destroyed their existing seismic network in 2017, the small Caribbean island of Dominica needed an easy, low cost solution to help revive their network. Through the public crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, they were able to secure funding.  They are now on their way again to being a seismically aware community! See their GoFundMe campaign for more details.

Raspberry Shakes in Alaskan Classrooms

Mrs. Groth’s middle school classroom was very shaken up after experiencing the large, Magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck Alaska in December 2018. As a teacher, she was motivated to find a fun, interactive way to teach her students about earthquakes. She found the perfect solution with our Raspberry Shake seismographs, and was able to secure crowd-sourced funding though See her story here

We have created an example proposal for a large-scale “Seismographs in Schools” program. It is an extensive, resource-filled document that can help provide you with the materials you need to get your proposal approved.

Complete your purchasing proposal, if needed, and let’s get Shaking!  Once approved please proceed to our shop or contact our sales directly.